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The Newport Beach Police Department handles numerous calls for service each day. It is the goal of the police department to provide the citizens of Newport Beach with the highest quality and most efficient service possible. You can help us better serve the community as a whole by following these simple guidelines when calling the police department.

When to use 911

  • A crime that is currently in progress or has just occurred
  • Whenever life or property are in immediate danger
  • A medical emergency
  • A fire
  • Injury traffic accidents

When you dial 911 a highly trained dispatcher will answer your call. Although the dispatcher is immediately provided with the address and phone number from which you are calling, you will be asked to verify this information. It is important that you remain calm and answer the dispatcher’s questions to the best of your ability. Remain on the phone until the dispatcher instructs you to hang up.

There are times when you may be faced with a situation where police assistance is needed and you are not sure if dialing 911 is appropriate. An example of these types of calls would be, a car blocking your driveway, loud music, or kids drinking on the beach. While these types of calls are important, dialing 911 would not be appropriate and doing so may result in the dispatcher advising you to call back on the non-emergency line. If you have a non-emergency need for police assistance please call (949) 644-3717.

The Newport Beach Police Department would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding should you need to call us for assistance. It is our hope that this information will help us to serve you better!

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