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Vehicle Security

A Thief looks for an easy opportunity.
Don't let your vehicle or the property be his next target!

Protect Your Property By Taking The Following Precautions

  • Always lock you car doors and close windows, even if ou're only going to be away from your vehicle for a moment (i.e., gas station or convenience store.)
  • Be sure vent or wind-wing windows are shut tight and locked. Professional thieves have tools that unlock cars through the smallest openings.
  • Never hide a spare key in or around your vehicle.
  • Always park in well-lighted areas.
  • Don't forget to lock tailgates, truck/shell covers or tool/storage boxes.
  • If you must keep valuables in your vehicle, make sure they are kept out of sight and well hidden. This should be done before you arrive at your location.
  • If you have a garage, park your locked vehicle inside.
  • When parking youyour vehicle outside of your garage, always remove your garage door opener from within the vehicle or conceal it.
  • If possible, park your car in a lot where you don't have to leave your keys
  • Never attach a tag to your key ring with your name and address on it. If your keys are lost or stolen the tag will lead the thief directly to your car and your home. If you have to leave your keys with a parking attendant, leave only the ignition key.
  • Never leave a vehicle in an unattended public parking lot for an extended period. A car is five times more likely to be stolen from an unattended lot than from the street or attended lot.

Operation I.D.

  • With an electric engraver, etch your drivers license number (preceded by the Letters "CA"> on stereo equipment and other valuable items.
  • Record your vehicle indentification number (located on a small metal plate on the dashboard of newer cars) and store it in a safe place.

Use Anti-Theft Devices

  • When buying a car, check the manufacturer's list of anti-theft options, such as interior hood and trunk releases, locking steering columns, etc.
  • Consider the purchase and installation of security devices, such as:
    • A second ignition switch or "kill switch" to prevent an electrical current from reaching the coil distributor.
    • A fuel switch to prevent fuel from reaching the carburetor.
For futher information on crime prevention, please call our Crime Prevention Unit at (949) 644-3699.

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