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Marine Security

shipThe following security tips are provided by the Newport Beach Police Department and the California Attorney General’s Office ~ Crime and Violence Prevention Center.

Keep marine theft at bay by discouraging waterway pirates. The following tips can help guard your boat and gear from theft.


  • Strength and durability are keys to security.
  • Install inside hinges and deadbolt locks on all doors.
  • Secure ports and windows with inside auxiliary locks.
  • Attach inverted strong hasps and padlocks to all hatches.


  • Inscribe all valuables (including electronic equipment, your engine, sails, radios, binoculars, and other loose gear) with your California driver’s license number (preceded by the letters “CA”) and your hull identification number.
  • Keep an inventory list (ashore) of all your gear. Include name, model, serial number, manufacturer and description.


  • Consider installing an alarm system to ward off “would be” pirates. There are many “do-it yourself” models on the market that are easy to install, or have a professional install the device.
  • REMEMBER— an alarm is only good if you set it every time you leave your boat.


  • Never leave your keys aboard — even in a “hidden place.”
  • Always moor your boat to something secure with a chain or cable that cannot be lifted over or torn loose from the piling or mooring.
  • Run the chain or cable around and under a thwart or around a stanchion.
  • Use one-way bolts, lock nuts, and backup plates on your eyebolts.
  • Consider leaving your engine out of commission when you are away: remove the rotor; install a hidden cut-off switch; drain the fuel; remove a spark plug or the propeller.
  • Secure outboard motors with special transom bolts or clamping screw locks.


  • A good neighbor is one of the best crime prevention tools around.
  • Get to know the people and boat owners where you dock, and look out for one another.
  • Insist on good lighting at your marina.
  • Let each other know if anyone will be using your boat when you are not present.
  • If you spot anything suspicious on a boat or around the docks, call the Newport Beach Police Department immediately at (949) 644-3717.


  • Call the Newport Beach Police Department at (949) 644-3717.

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